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2017 Musical Theatre Intensive Workshops

Jeffrey Wilsor

Aaron Densley

Jesse Derron Gold

Jennifer Davies

Steven Wellls

Tim Donnell

Students will attend and participate in the following afternoon workshops lead by SHS alumni clinicians:


Jeffrey Wilsor, SHS '03: Vocal Interpretation and Styling in Musical Theatre
This workshop will address vocal interpretation and affectations from an angle driven by honesty and necessity. We will discuss the importance of making wise and tasteful vocal choices as an actor, and how that can kick a performance up a few notches.

Jesse Gold, SHS '04: Auditioning
In this workshop, Jesse will be working with students on their audition material. We will be covering everything from the homework to do before you arrive to your audition, song choice, text interpretation, to making the audition fun for both yourself and whoever is behind the table.

Steven Wells, SHS '05: Intro To Stage Combat
This workshop will teach you the basics of how to: slap, punch, kick, chock, drag, fall, and many more without ever causing harm to your fellow actors. This workshop will introduce you to the world of stage combat, and teach you how to do the moves that are used in every actions scene on stage and in the movies.

Aaron Densely, SHS '04: Acting for Stage and Film
This workshop aims to encourage performers to live fully under imaginary circumstances.  We will explore this notion of living fully through movement exercises, improvisation, and Meisner-based activities.  We will also briefly discuss the differences/similarities between stage and on camera performance.

SHS Alumni panel: Benefits of Theater Education in Non-performance Careers
Hear how SHS alumni who were (and possibly still are) involved in the performing arts during school have used the skills they gained in theater in music to help them find success in their current careers.

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