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2018 Clinicians & Workshops

Jeffrey Wilsor (2003) - OPEN UP! Communicating your heart with your body and voice

     Through the use of exercises in vulnerability and strength in transparency, students will work on finding ways to become more comfortable with honest communication through song or text. Participants will be asked to come prepared with a minute of a song or a monologue that really speaks to them. Each participant will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Jeffrey in front of the class and receive constructive feedback on how to bring their performance to the next level. 


Emilie Schnabel (2007) - Through-actions, Theory, and More: Monologue like a Pro

    Explore how to prepare a monologue for performance, learning the theory and art to working text. A hands-on workshop, all students will prepare a monologue (provided) and have the opportunity to perform and receive feedback. 


Dustin Wilsor (honorary) - Musical Theater Audition Preparation

     In this workshop, students will present and work on their musical theater audition material. We will be covering everything from the homework to do before you arrive to your audition, song choice, text interpretation, to making the audition fun for both yourself and whoever is behind the table.


Alanna Robertson (2007) - Technical Movement: Dance for Musical Theatre

     Jazz, ballet, and tap; students will learn basics in these three important styles as they prepare for a dance number in the show. By engaging in dance activities and games, students will hone their skills at picking up choreography, which is essential in dance auditions and preparing for shows on timelines! No prior dance experience is required, as this workshop will cater to the beginner to intermediate student.

Chris Clarey (2003) - Scene Work

Steven Wells (2005) - 

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