Our organization is run by the Operations Team (OT). The OT meets once a month throughout the year to plan our Musical Theatre Intensive and summer show, as well as other events and fundraisers throughout the year. Our season and new Operations Team kick off in the fall, and the term ends in late summer after the show.


Elections for 2019-2020 Operations Team


Do you want to get involved? We are holding elections for our 2019-2020 Operations Team at the end of September. We are looking for general board members, as well as officer positions. 

Submit this form if you are interested in being a member of the Operations Team for 2019-2020. 

Submissions are due by September 15, 2019. 

  • Board Members must be approved by a vote of the board at an official meeting

  • Term limits are a minimum of one year, all positions are eligible for re-election

  • Board Members vote in all elections and major board decisions

  • A quorum of three board members is required for official board meetings and any board votes

  • All Board Officers are considered to be Board Members

  • Board Members are required to attend a majority of board meetings

  • Board Members are not required to make any sort of monetary contribution to the group


Position Descriptions

Board members at-large 

Board members vote in elections and at board meetings and are expected to attend board meetings and be actively engaged in board events, fundraising, and other support as needed. Board members at-large are approved by a board vote and must serve at least a one-year term. Board members can seek repeat appointments and may also fill roles on the Creative or Communications Team or subcommittees. One year term.


 Facilitator - Officer

The Facilitator acts as the project manager of the Operations Team. The Facilitator’s main role is to make sure that meetings are productive and kept on-track. The Facilitator is responsible for creating meeting agendas and scheduling meetings, running meetings, and serving as a liaison between board members. The Facilitator will keep track of general deadlines and check in regularly with stakeholders to ensure timely completion of deliverables. The Facilitator may serve as a consultant in discussions but is not responsible for making decisions about the intensive, fundraising events, or other matters. The Facilitator will assist in determining which issues need to be brought to the board member for a vote, and which items can be determined by project leads. The Facilitator has the ability to sign contracts for the group, however the Treasurer must also sign any financial contracts. If the Facilitator is unable to attend a meeting, they must arrange with the Secretary to stand in as a substitute. The Facilitator is a voting member of the board. The Facilitator needs to be able to physically attend the majority of board meetings. The Facilitator is approved by a vote of the board and must serve for one year. 


Secretary - Officer

The Secretary is responsible for taking and distributing meeting minutes and maintaining the operations log. The Secretary will step in as meeting facilitator if the Facilitator is unable to attend a meeting. The Secretary is a voting member of the board. The Secretary is expected to attend all meetings (whether virtually or in person) or find a substitute if unable to attend any meeting. One year term.


Treasurer - Officer

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining and updating the SPAA budget. The Treasurer will work with the board by tracking expenditures and credits and will advise the board on how decisions will impact organizational funds. The Treasurer must approve and sign all financial contracts. The Treasurer will liaise with the Anna’s Bay Treasurer or President on securing funds, reimbursements, and tracking expenses. The Treasurer will provide a financial report at each board meeting. The Treasurer does not need to be local. One year term.


Communications Chair - Officer

The Communications Chair manages the communications plan for SPAA. They are responsible for delegating communications tasks to the appropriate roles, managing deadlines, and approving content as needed. The Communications Chair must approve all external communications such as letters, articles, ads, and press releases. The Communications Chair leads the Communications Team, must check-in with them regularly, and provide a monthly report of Team activities to the board. The Communications Chair is not responsible for creating or completing all communications work, but rather serving as a central lead for approval and project management purposes. This position requires a large time commitment, organization, and strong interpersonal communication skills. One term.


Fundraising Chair - Officer

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for overseeing and managing SPAA fundraising efforts. This includes creating a strategic fundraising plan, building donor relationships, managing any fundraising events, partnering with the Communications Chair to create sponsorship materials, and making any decisions related to fundraising with the advisement of the Treasurer. The Fundraising Chair can initiate sponsorship and donor relationships, but any final financial contracts must be reviewed and signed by the Treasurer. The Fundraising Chair may create a Fundraising Committee and fill it with SPAA or community members using their discretion. The Fundraising Chair will provide a report at each board meeting. One year term.


Public Relations and Outreach Chair - Officer

The Public Relations/Outreach Chair is responsible for building community and alumni relationships in the community. Their main purpose is to maintain current relationships and expand SPAA’s reach in the community. This position is responsible for managing community outreach, including the school outreach and recruitment program, and identifying ways to make SPAA more visible in the Mason County community. The Public Relations and Outreach Chair will work closely with Directors and the Fundraising Chair. This position may create a public relations and outreach committee, filled at its discretion. This position should be filled by someone local. One year term.


Partnership Liaison - Officer

The Partnership Liaison is responsible for managing SPAA’s relationships with other local performing and charity groups. They will liaise with group representative, manage any arrangements, contracts, or agreements between the groups, and will provide a report at each board meeting of partner activities. This position may begin discussion with new partners, but agreements must be approved by a vote of the board. Any financial agreements must be approved by the board, and signed by the Treasurer. One year term.

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